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The Very Words of God

Leading from the city of Miletus there was a 15 mile long road lined with shops and statues of stone lions. It led to a place called Didyma. What was in Didyma and why were people walking down a 15 mile road just to go to Didyma? The road led to the 2nd largest temple in the world, and it was dedicated to the god of Apollo. He was the god of light, music, and oracle. An oracle is a message from a god. It is a word that comes in answer to a question. Obviously God did not like this because God tells us to not seek spiritists or mediums as you can see from Leviticus.
“‘Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists, for you will be defiled by them. I am the LORD your God.” Leviticus 19:31 (Temple of Apollo)

But that is not really the point that is trying to be made by Ray Van Lander. An oracle is not necessarily a bad thing. The word oracle is used 18 times in the Old Testament and 2 in the New Testament. The word oracle is even translated as the “very words of God.” The problem was not the word of God. The problem was which god you got the word from. To the one who believed in the one true God this temple was an abomination. To be clear, this temple was not of God in any way shape or form.
Let us see how they get an oracle in this temple to see if we can learn anything about our relationship with God.  Let us say there is a family that has walked the long road to go to the temple and ask a question.
Step 1: First they would come to the sacred well and wash to cleanse themselves. The priest would then wash the sheep they brought. Then they would be purified and ready to sacrifice the lamb.
Step 2: A priest of Apollo would slaughter the sheep and then the sheep’s liver would be read. Based on the liver the priest would know if Apollo would want to hear the question. Basically yes or no. He would probably respond with something like “Apollo will hear your question.”
Step 3: Next the family would stand in amongst the large columns of the temple in front of the crasmagropean (oracle door). But the door would be shut so they would wait and wait and even a day or two could pass by. Then one day they would hear the latch of the doors being drawn open and then the doors would slam open. Most likely the doors would be 15-20 foot high doors. Then behind the door would come the priest of Apollo dressed like the statue of Apollo possibly wearing a shimmering gold rob and walking to drums. 
Step 4: The priest of Apollo would shout out: “The great god Apollo will hear your request!” The family would fall to their knees and bow down. The head of the family would ask the question as the priest wrote it down.
Step 5: The door would be closed again after receiving the question and then the family waits.
While the family waits, let’s go and see what is happening behind the door. Now keep in mind no one but the priests could go behind the doors. Inside there would be a large room and at the end of the room a smaller inner temple in which the oracle sat. The oracle was typically an older woman. She would sit suspended on a tripod over a hole in the earth where fumes would come out. Today we know that fumes were very close to the substance glue. So her sitting there was like sniffing glue all day long.
The oracle would get the question from the priest and in her ecstasy she would answer and the priest would jot it down. He would then eventually put it into poetry. Then the day would arrive when the oracles would be spoken.
Step 6: The family’s waiting was over and the 2 huge doors would open once again. The answer would be given. “The very word of the god Apollo” would be spoken.
After reading this, tell me what you feel. You probably feel in awe of what happened just as they would have felt. They did so much and then they received the word of god. Good job family that went through all the steps.
What has happened to us?!?!?!
We have the very words of God. All of them. We carry them around and hide them in boxes to collect dust. No sheep, no livers, and no washing. An archeologist found an inscription on one of the 122 columns that held the temple up. It said that one column cost 40,000 denary and that a stone cutter made 2 denary a day. This means that it took the stone cutter 20,000 days to finish the column. The stone cutter also would stay on the same stone until finished. 20,000 days is around 57 years! A stone cutter would spend 57 years of his or her life to make one column. (Stone column in Apollo's temple)

For what did the stone cutter do this? To hear a word from god spoken from a women that was high on something?
57 years!!! And I cannot get up 10 minutes earlier to read my Bible.
What has happened to discipleship? How many scriptures can you recite today? How many chapters have you read? When was the last time you read the whole Bible?
To be like the Rabbi is to be a man or women of the text. 57 years to hear the uttering’s of a poor women high on something. Memorize and read the Bible. And if you tell me you do not have the time I ask you: how badly do you want to be a disciple?
Jesus said come follow me and then He said go teach them everything I taught you. But, how can you teach anyone to obey if you do not know what he taught?
Be a man or women of the text!!
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