Saturday, April 28, 2012

Vienna, Austria

I stayed with a friend in Vienna that had worked on the farm in Israel with me. His name is Moritz and he is a great guy. 

The house he lives in

/We made a slack line about 20 feet up from one tree to another.
Then we took turns harnessing up and walking across.
Scary but fun.

This is a tradition in Austria. During the Christmas
season kids come and write on the doors the year
with C+M+B in between. The letters stand
for the names of the 3 wise men that gave
gifts to Jesus. 

His house.

His mom's house we stayed in for Easter

The Easter Parade through the village.


This is an old military defense system made by Hitler during
WWII, but by the time it was built the war was over,

A palace that we visited. 

The dog just hanging out.

This was a train station I stopped at in Salzburg, Austria.
It is the home of Mozart and where the real "Sound of Music"
family lived.

Mountains and my hands

So this little dohickey is so awesome. Next to the blue car
there is a garage looking thing. It is a parking garage for
the whole apartment building. You pull the car in and then
get out of the car and it is automatically taken underground
and parked for you. How cool is that?!

Vienna is a wonderful city. People are nice and of course the food is amazing. I had a great time seeing the land and celebrating Easter. I even went to church on Sunday morning even though it was all in German.

Well...the next and last stop in Europe is Freiburg.


Friday, April 27, 2012

Munich, Germany

Welcome to Bavaria, the home of lederhosen, sausage, and pretzels. 
Inside a restaurant I was eating in.
They had a band and they are wearing traditional outfits
called Lederhosen.
In Munich most restaurants only served one size of
beer...1 liter!!

The guy I stayed with is on the right (he is from Belgium).
The other two on the left were a married couple from
America that we met at the restaurant.

Germany is home to the Mercedes-Benz and here is one
of the showrooms in Munich.

Another pic of the showroom.

The Augustiner was the name of the Biergartens everywhere
in Munich.

The police were their because of a Bayern-Munich soccer
game. It had fans going a little crazy.

This is the church in the downtown square.

When the clock strikes the top of the hour. Little figurines
come out and dance. They are in the picture with the green
surrounding them. 

This lady was so cool. I do not know how she did
it, but it looks like she is floating. So cool.

A Jewish memorial museum.

The last thing I had to eat before I left Munich. It is a local
favorite and is called "Weisswurst" or white sausage when
translated. I had it with a pretzel and some spicy mustard. YUMMY!!
So in Germany, Munich was probably my favorite city. It has a lot of life with people dancing and always happy. It also has some really great food =)

Next stop is Vienna....