Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Freiburg, Germany

Freiburg was my first and last stop on my trip around Europe. So there are some pictures on here from when I first landed at the airport and when I left the airport. I hope you enjoy the last of my Europe pics.

The airport is right on the border between France,
Germany, and Switzerland.

A pizza vending machine!! How cool.

My first official beer in Germany. I had one sip
and found out that it was expired. =(

Playing WII Boxing with Konrad in Freiburg.
This was the house I stayed in when I arrived and
when I left Europe. They have a wonderful family!!

It was my first Starbucks in 6 months!! Israel does not have one.

Bakery!!! Yummy

I had to get some sausage

Train Museum

Hiking in the Black Forest

Cuckoo clock factory

So this is the end of the Europe trip. It is sad that it is over, but my experiences will always be with me. I saw 5 countries in one month, lived in different cultures, spoke different languages, and made friends that will last a lifetime.It was wonderful. If you ever have the chance to travel, I beg you to do it. Experience life by living it; not by living it through someone else.

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  1. That is so awesome Patrick!! We are all excited to see you soon! Love Aunt Tracy