Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Goodbye Israel

As most of you know it is time for me to say goodbye to Israel. I have been here 8 months, and it has been a blast. I was able to live the Bible, experience other cultures, and experience God in more ways than I ever have before. I will miss this Holy Country and will be returning one day for sure.  

Goodbye to the Pasture...

Goodbye to the Land...

This is the tent I built while I was out with the sheep!!

Goodbye to the chickens...

 Goodbye to the puppies...

Goodbye to the sheep... especially Daisy

This is Daisy!!! The one eating the branch. She is now 8 months
old and is about to be put in with the main herd.

Goodbye Israel...

This is the gate to the farm I worked on.

So this is the end of my Israel trip but this is by far not the end of my blog. I am currently trying to make a video of the time there. Also someone asked me to some up my experience and that question is always on the way. Oh yeah I also forgot to say goodbye to my beard!!

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  1. What an awesome experience! Truly one to remember a lifetime. God bless you young man.