Thursday, July 14, 2011

Texas here I come

First off I want to say that it was awesome to see all my friends in Indiana these past few weeks. It was my first time home for the 4th of July in 3 years and it was a blast. I am now headed to Texas for training with West Point. It is called CTLT “Cadet Troop Leader Training.” The goal is to have me follow around a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army. I shadow him or her for 3 weeks and learn what it means to be an officer in the Army. This is to make sure I understand what I am getting myself into. I am looking forward to this experience to see what to do and in some cases what not to do.
The timeline for me is to first do this training. Then fly back to West Point. I have to meet with officers at West Point to explain why I want to leave. This could take anywhere from 1-2 weeks. This is because I have to turn in all of my stuff and fully resign from West Point. After the week or two is up I will be able to leave and as I do I will reapply to West Point to get back in the next year. After this is done I will come home for my friend’s wedding on September 10, 2011 say bye to everyone in Indiana and head to Israel late September. Because I have not rose enough money for a ticket I have not bought one yet, but it will probably be around September 25th.
That is an update on my timeline and what I am doing. Stay in touch.
Your Friend,

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