Monday, July 11, 2011

Where will you be staying?

So I have found out my official location in Israel. That is Kibbutz Ruhama. The word Kibbutz means gathering. It is a collective farm in Israel. The members work cooperatively and usually do not hold private property. It is a very unique set up especially for Americans to see. As an American, I feel we can be very individualistic. We often focus on our needs before the groups needs. I am not trying to call anyone out it is just what I see. It is what I see in the way we live life. But Israel is different in a good way and I hope to go more in depth with this when I truly experience it.
Kibbutz Ruhama was established in 1944 by Russian Jews whose purpose was to invest money into Israel’s agriculture settlements. This kibbutz was the first settlement in the Negev desert, because of this it used to be barren desert land. But the first settlers really made it bloom. It is now green with trees and yellow with wheat. The kibbutz currently has 450 people and it is 220,000 acres big. Half of the 450 people are over 80. This will be really neat considering all of the knowledge I can gain.
According to “The kibbutz itself is a beautiful place to live, with open gardens, a small store, a library, work-out room and an open-air pool in the summer. We also have a dining room, but not like it used to be – and it is only open at lunch time. Kibbutz Ruhama is surrounded by a nature reserve. If you leave the kibbutz through any of its gates, you walk into the middle of a huge nature reserve. It’s great being able to leave the house and go on a hike so easily - rolling hills and blue skies. One of the reasons people give for loving Ruhama so much and wanting to live here is its remote location, and new families are starting to become interested in moving to live here.”
So this is where I will be for 8 months to a year. I will send pictures when I arrive, but I thought you all should know. I am super excited and can’t wait to get there!!!
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