Saturday, October 8, 2011

My trip to Jerusalem Part 2

A current archaeological dig by the western wall. 
Alocta mosque is the golden domed building. Alocta means the farthest.
It is thought to be the mosque that Muhammad visited.

The Western Wall. People from all over the world come to put
prayers written on pieces of paper into the wall. Many believe that
this is the last remaining wall of the Temple that once stood. They are
kind of right, but really this is just a retaining wall. 2000 years ago when
the Romans rebuilt the Temple they realized the mountain was too small
to build the huge Temple they wanted to build. So instead of building a smaller
Temple they built a bigger mountain.  This is one of the retaining walls that held
up a platform that the Temple stood on. Ironically the Temple was destroyed by
the Romans, the same ones that built it.

Western Wall 

This is a Bar Mitzphah at the Western Wall. I was lucky enough
to see it. The silver thing is the Torah.

I wish my Bible was that big =)

In the old city of Jerusalem whenever you see this pattern of
stone it is from the time of the Mamblocks tribe. A forgotten people
group that ruled Jerusalem for 212 years.

Part of the Via Dolorosa. The "road of suffering" that Jesus walked
down before he was crucified. There are 14 stations that some
Christians walk to and carry a cross to remember Jesus suffering for us.

The Christian quarter of Jerusalem. You can tell because almost
every building has a cross on it.

The crosses that people carry down the Via Dolorosa.

The Church of the Redeemer. The only protestant church in Jerusalem.

The Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

Thought to be the stone that Jesus was laid on in the tomb
after He died. It is inside the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. 

Mural above the stone.

Inside the Church.

Inside the Church.

Inside the Church.

People going in to what they believe is the tomb that
Jesus was laid in. It is EMPTY!!

Inside the Church.


Thought to be the center of the earth. It is inside the Church.

Inside the Church.

Inside an Armenian area of the Church.

Mural of Jesus.

Incense hanging and statues replicating the crucifixion
of Jesus.

Thought to be the rock on which Jesus was

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