Saturday, October 1, 2011

First Day Shepherding!!

This is my outfit, sorry no man dress.
Part of the pasture. A total of 1000 acres.

Sheep barn top of photo. Part of my house lower left.

The main house.

The slide

The tree house.


More of the Pasture.

Hebrew Writing

The rest of my house.


Sheep laying down.


This sheep just gave birth to one of those lambs.

Pompey, the dog

Dio, the horse

Nissim, host family, making us a barbecue of sheep.

Pomegranate, one of the fruits of the New Year

Fresh tomatoes and food. No supermarket.
More to come!!!


  1. Patrick this looks awesome ur isn my prayers

  2. Unbelievable. Thanks for taking us with you on your journey. Godspeed.

  3. WOW! A different world Patrick. Thanks so much for showing us what you are doing. It will be interesting to follow you on this journey.

  4. Thank you for allowing us to be your virtual companions on this incredible journey! You are loved....we are right here with you, friend.

  5. Day 2 & you're already bar-b-qing ur flock. I thought it'd take longer than that. :)

    The pasture looks so peaceful. Would love to visit you for a day. A day. :)

    The Meyer's are praying for you & your journey!

  6. Hey Kem,

    There is an extra bed if you want to visit =)

  7. Thank you for sharing the pictures. We still miss you.

  8. Gerda,

    I miss you all too. I was going to come down but the hurricane messed up my plans. Sorry =(