Monday, October 31, 2011

Praise be to God!!

Guess what happened last night.... (awkward silence)

It rained, did you hear what I said IT RAINED. 

I know a lot of you in Indiana and all over the world have been praying for rain.
I also realize that a lot of times people say "pray for me", but they never say how that prayer turned out.
Well I want to give praise to God who answered this prayer.

About three days ago, I was filling some food for the sheep when I felt some rain on me.
This was the first time I felt it, but it was really just a mist. It lasted maybe 2 minutes and was gone.
I talked to Nissim and he said that this rain did not count because it was a small amount. So I did not blog
about it. Then the next night I was sitting in my house, here on the farm, and about 8 pm, I heard some more rain. This was louder and lasted longer, but according to Nissim not "blog worthy." So I kept praying and reminding myself that God will answer the prayer. So, this leads me to last night. Around 11 pm I was woken up by a loud and thunderous rain storm!! God had answered our prayers. And then this morning, I asked just to make sure, and Amir, Nissim's son, said, "Now that is rain." So I decided to blog about it and give you all an update.

Looking back I think it is funny how God made it rain more and more each day until I finally would write about it. It was almost like He was saying "is this enough" and "what about this." And then he made it pour so I would have no doubt.

Thank you, Lord.

And for all those that are praying please keep praying. One rain a year does not make grass grow, so please continue to pray for rain. Thank you prayer warriors for all your help and support!!

Talk to you soon,



  1. Ah ha! I finally figured out how to write YOU now! I cannot wait to tell the kids this, Patrick, because for weeks now, each night at dinner, we have prayed for Nissim and that it would rain. I wish you could hear John, eyes closed, hands folded, saying, "and we thank you for the farmer and that it would rain." Berea has prayed in earnest as well. I do not think we have missed a night. God is SOOO good! What joy it is to walk this with you, to pray with you and to watch God answer those prayers. We read each blog, and enjoy the photos. It is a highlight for Joel when one appears in his inbox. So excited for you. And for rain! You are ever close to our thoughts, dear friend. Your friends, the Bryans (Jody) (by the way, I'm about to choose a profile and I have no idea what that means, but it won't let me comment unless I choose something, so here goes...)

  2. Hey Bryan family!! I miss you all. And yes Jody someone told me about the comment problem. So I have reset it so you do not have to have a profile to comment. You can just scroll down to anonymous under "Comment as:" And then put your name in the comment. I hope this helps and I appreciate all of the love and support =)

  3. Jody can you email me your phone number please. I want to call you one of these days.