Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Visa Expired

When you come into Israel you recieve a 3 month visa stamp on your passport. After 3 months you can extend it once for another 3 months. I did this but my 6 months are up. So I have to leave the country for a short period of time. They recommend not just going out for 2 days and coming back because depending on the border control agent you will not get back in. So a few weeks ago I left Israel to come to Europe for a month while my Visa is being renewed.

I was planning on posting this blog earlier, but I found out about this Visa thing and had to get out before it totally expired. Because if it expires while you are still in the country you could get a "never return" black stamp on your passport which is not good for me.

I am visiting 5 countries: Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, and Austria. It has been a blast and I am staying with friends and aquintances in Europe so I do not have to pay for a hotel room. I will put up the pictures when I get back to Israel because I am just borrowing people`s computers as I travel.

I miss everyone and I will be back in the States before you know it. TTYL


  1. Have a great adventure. Praying for your travels!

  2. Love out to you Patrick! Be safe and hopefully we will see you soon. Hey, who's watching the sheep? Susan, Len, and Atom