Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Amsterdam was my next stop.  I went to see the Anne Frank house and just look at the beautiful canals. One day I just spent riding the bike. I got lost in some village outside of Amsterdam, but it was okay with me. I was able to see the landscape and real houses as opposed to the big buildings in the major cities. 


This cheese shop was near the apartment I was living in. I bought
some cheese the second day I was there and it was amazing. Holland
is known for its cheese and now I know why.

This doesn't even sound good.

                          The village I got lost in

The old windmill looked great with the small village.
In the village I did not take very many pictures. But I would
have never seen it if I would have not been lost. Something
that made me think about the times in my life when I thought I was
lost and God brought me to that point to reveal something I would
have never seen

The Synagogue I found.

Looks scary!!

Anne Frank House
A statue of Anne Frank

The church in front of Anne Frank's House. You even see 
her statue in front of the church in the lower left hand side.
I took a close up two pictures earlier. People place roses on her
statue to thank her for what she did.

                                Random pictures of the city

The cheese I bought. It was so yummy =)

This place was so amazing. I do not know what it was that really made me admire this city so much. Maybe it was the canals where water flowed effortlessly or the people that seemed to always have a smile on their face. I do not know but Amsterdam is one of a kind.

Talk to you soon.

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