Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Next stop is the city with a lot of history...BERLIN
Protestant church
Radio Tower

Former grounds of a palace that will be rebuilt.

The gold squares have names on them. They are the
names of people who died in the holocaust. They are in front
of the building they used to live in.

Museum of German History

Some cool armor.

This is an old gas mask. They used to put spices in the
noise. To prevent one from inhaling the poisonous gas.
(It did not work!!)

An old pinball machine. No extra ball 
feature on this one =)

A uniform from Napoleon.

The desk of Napoleon. It was huge because 
he wanted to make himself look bigger.


The old cars from East Germany. Some parts are made
of cardboard. Needless to say, they were not very good.

Part of the Berlin Wall

A simple Holocaust Memorial.

This is a memorial to the burned books during Hitler's
reign. But you couldn't see through the glass.

Fassbender & Rausch

This chocolate company is only in Berlin.

An Artist Squatter Building

-Artists just came in after WWII and squatted on this land. They now on the building and sell some really cool art. They also have art all over the building as well. 

It is a sculpture made out of metal.

Egyptian Museum


I'm thinking..I'm thinking..

Protestant Church

Pictures of the city

They have bears in the middle of the city. It is so cool.

The line between East and West Berlin. It used to be where the wall

The old military post between East and West

The Berlin Wall

Holocaust Memorial Center

A Memorial to Russian Soldiers

The Parliament Building

The largest German flag ever made.

Brandenburg Gate

Inside the crappy car from East Germany

In the park where they were going to have karaoke, but it
was cancelled do to bad weather. I was so bummed. 

The main train station to get me to Munich my next stop.
Thank you all again for following my travels. I hope you enjoy the pictures. The next stop is Munich!!


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